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The Aikya Kerala Kalari established by Sri.T.K Madhavan Gurukkal in 1972 in Korapuzha (Kozhikode,Kerala) has been the light house guiding many a venture in this field.This institution has been instrumental in putting up many similar institutes in different places of malabar with the intention of propagating kalari (the martial art system) and Kalari Chikilsa (the medical system).The institute ventured into the world of theatre by setting up the 'Aikya Kerala Kalari Theatres' in 1980.The period 1985-90 saw the institution offering training to N.C.C cadets and prove their mettle in display in Republic day parade and in Rashtrapathi Bhavan. They could impress the prime minister with impeccable skill.

Gurukkal has provide his efficiency in training in indian military camp,calicut medical college like many government institutions. The fame of the institutes is not limited with india,besides germany,italy,austria and many other european countries,the middle east also tasted the quality when the kalaripayattu display in dubai as a part of martial arts festival.not only these quite a few indian movie and some festivals has show cased the kalari display of the sangham.

The kalari treatment system developed in close alliance with the Ayurvedic.This system is a unique feature of the kalaripayattu the origin of the system can be traced to the practice of the kalari Guru addressing the injuries of his disciples happened during kalari practice (training) .slowly the practices were methodised and a fresh system of treatment emerged. Kalaripayattu encompasses an invigoratting Ayurvedic herbal treatment for chronic ailment like arthritise and spondylosis and a massaging regimen which repair physiological damages and makes the body young and supple.The fracture treatment system developed a coroling of the rough and tumble world of martial arts,does away with the risk-ridden xrays and hit-or-miss plaster method.

Realising the immense possibilities of kalari,that it has added artistic value Gurukkal brought forth 'kalari Nataka (drama) Sangham', which was aimed at nurturning the possibilities of martial as well as artistic and the 'Vadakkan Pattu' which constitute the lore history of kerala.This venture has brought forth many dramas based on the vadakkan pattukal It is interesting to note that Gurukkal,martial art exponent has given life to many heros like Thacholi Othenan and Aromal Chekavar in the vadakkan pattu. (Northern Ballads) his unique skill of merging acting,the martial arts skill,and music in these dramas made each drama a perfect theatrical work.