AIKYA KERALA KALARI SANGHAM ; Kalaripayattu is the only form of the most ancient traditional systems of physical,culture,self defence and martial techniques stil in existence. It is believed to have had its origin in kerala,the tiny state situated southwest of india.The purview of kalaripayattu is not limited to martial system,it permeates to the meditation,teacher disciple relationship and ayurvedic treatment system,This makes it a complete and sublime system of physical art.Holding up the adage "Inhealth body;a healthy mind".

Ancient time onwards kalari were procured in a temple sanctity people got training from kalari without any male,female difference. and it is kalari itself people attained knowledge and martial art sports (kayika) culture was established from kalari.Pupil comes to kalari early morning applying oil all over their body and getting the blessings of kalari goddesses and kalari Guru(Master),practices nealthy different types of body movement. It is seven years onwards children start kalari practice.

Kalari is an extensive educational system which incorporates physical fitness through different weapon and wrestling knowledge about the vital spot,reaching on the kalari treatment system In order to Master it thoroughly disciples devote long years under a right Guru.It helps improve one mentally as well as physically.It gives good memmory power,intelligence,mind control,courage,immunity power and enthusiasm in studies as well as in arts and sports area.What mentors aim through kalari training is,one to attain divine power.

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Body control & Flexibility training

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use of wooden arms

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use of metal arms.

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